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While you're at it, fill out my filters poll. Thanks!

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Was this a random reposting? or is this new?

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This is new. I've been FO for the most part for a long time, but I finally found a banner graphic I liked.

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Love the banner!! :)

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Thanks! Found it over at [ profile] houseicons.

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Sign me up. I read even if I don't always comment. Hope you feel better. :)

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Thanks! I like reading yours also.

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Hey! You've got a thing for both Hugh & U2- would you mind if I friended you??

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Not in the least...welcome!

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Glad to see you're up to posting. Feel better soon hun!

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Very nice!

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I don't know if I ever filled out your poll, so I did it (again).

Damnit, now I have Britney Spears in my head.

I hope you're feeling better today!!

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I am like a family of ants. You think you've exterminated me, but I'll just come back next spring. :p

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GREAT banner!

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HUGS & positive vibes coming your way.

I will be thinking of you and waiting to hear from you.

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Sent over here by the marvellous [ profile] kellinator to voice my support and sympathy. I went through the same thing about a year ago, but the memories are still fresh in my mind, unfortunately. Best wishes and be sure to take good care of yourself in the aftermath!!

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Thanks so much!

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Hey, I just found your journal randomly, but couldn't resist seeing if someone else equally obsessed with House (and also a Twop person) would mind being lj friends. So, I'm adding you and I've love for you to add me back. :)

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Great! And done. :)

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hola....i added u and tried to take the poll?? said i wasn't allowed do i need to check back when/if u add me?

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You should be able to do it now. Welcome!

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Hey have just friended you from the greenwing meme on madzilla :)

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hey, your lj looks interesting. add me?

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re that thing before:
I value the news you talk about.

I was waiting for some of the "breaking news" to become less breaking and more solid.

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Hi! I've added you if that's ok. Although, I admit I don't tend to post comments much, or post much in my LJ, but I enjoy reading.

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That's great! I'll friend you and add you to my BPAL filter. :)

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hi! i noticed that you added me. i'll add you back if you want.

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Sure! Thanks!
(deleted comment)

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Hey! Sorry it took a few days. I'm slow. :-/

hi dana

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let's be friends. how about it?

Re: hi dana

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Hi! And definitely. ;)
ext_1706: (Default)

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Hey girl! Just wondering if you are still interested in the Tea-Circle? If so, could I get your RL addy? . If not, please let me know so I can send this package off. Thanks!

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I'm not asking to be friended at the moment, I'm just apologizing for rejecting your application for [ profile] bitches_of_bpal so quickly. I've sent an invite, and I'd be thrilled if you'd reconsider joining!

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Thanks for reconsidering! I understand why I was initally rejected, and I'm thrilled to join.

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Thanks for being so understanding. :)

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um.. hi! are you the Dana F. that lives in NC that is involved in [ profile] athenaps's tea circle via [ profile] evil_enablers? ....Because I tried to ship your package to the address that was listed in the book and FedEx has called me to tell me that the address is bad. Can you please get in touch with me asap (provided you're the right person) and let me know your address? thank you.

this is really huge- thought you'd like it.

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Hi! It's hillarygayle from Twitter. May I add/be added?

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Would you consider me?

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We have quite a few interests in common. Would love for you to add me