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2010-12-31 05:32 am

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While you're at it, fill out my filters poll. Thanks!
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2008-04-07 04:39 pm
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RIP Miss Stinky

Stinky/Baby Looks Outside
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Miss Stinky, aka Miss Sweetie, aka Baby, who started out as [ profile] mousegrrl's cat and became mine and my parents', died this morning. She's the best cat anyone could ever hope to have in their life, and I'm so glad she got to spend her last days playing on the farm. Rest in peace, sweetie.
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2004-08-31 01:59 pm


Thanks to this weekend's festivities and other recent additions, I now have over 200 people who have friended me! Never thought this would happen. Welcome to all the newbies, and much love to everyone who's stuck it out over the years.

I do have a number of filters that I use to keep y'all from having to read a ton of stuff you're not interested in (and to keep you from being bored and/or offended.) So here's a little bit about the opt-in filters that I have:

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