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Thanks to this weekend's festivities and other recent additions, I now have over 200 people who have friended me! Never thought this would happen. Welcome to all the newbies, and much love to everyone who's stuck it out over the years.

I do have a number of filters that I use to keep y'all from having to read a ton of stuff you're not interested in (and to keep you from being bored and/or offended.) So here's a little bit about the opt-in filters that I have:

Media: This is mostly stuff about my work (in case you're new, I work for a TV station) and about the media in general. It can be a bit media-geeky, but mostly harmless.
Politics/Spirituality: This is where I discuss my political beliefs and spiritual stuff. Warning: I am a Yellow-Dog Democrat centrist and a Unitarian. I respect other people's political beliefs, but I expect the same in return. If my beliefs bother you, this is not the filter for you.
Music/Movie/TV/Fun Stuff: Basic review stuff. Don't use this filter as much as I'd like, but maybe that'll change soon. ;)
Sports: If you like football, soccer, or basketball, that's the focus of this one. No [ profile] sujata, I don't write about tennis. :P
Rants: I really use this very rarely, but it's good for the occasional blowup against media dumbasses, fast-food imbiciles and Nashville traffic.
Personal Life: Basically, I have none, but if I did, it would go here.
Diet/Food: I am no longer officially on WW (they just changed the program to something idiotic), but I'm still following the old program on my own and doing Curves, and have lost around 40 lbs. I don't use this too much, but progress reports usually go here.

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Having only known you for a month, I guess I still count as a newbie, not a veteran. ;-)

I'm open to all the filters you named.

That said, I stand by what I told you originally. Include me in any filters in which you're comfortable including me, and exclude me from any in which you're uncomfortable including me. I'm all about making friendship with me an enjoyable experience, not an anxiety-inducing one. :-)

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Um, you coulda just answered the poll. ;)

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The poll didn't include a "Tell me whatever you want me to know, Dana!" option, m'dear. I created one by commenting instead. ;-)

(Some people think outside the box. I say there is no box... Om mani padme om...)

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Well, if I had wanted people to tell me whatever, I wouldn't have had a poll in the first place. :P

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*polishing my halo before setting it over my head*

Are you trying to say I'm hellishly irritating sometimes?

You know I love you -- I always tease and annoy the ones I love. ;-)

No worries though. I have an errand to run, then supposed to hang out with LJless Marie. So I'll be leaving you in peace for the rest of the day. *grin*


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I like reading all posts...

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Me too, even though I'd an old-timer of sorts ;)


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Okay, but not exactly...they still *have* the Flex Plan, it's just an option in addition to the Core Plan.

I hear a lot of people who try Core and don't like it.

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ooh, ooh, me. I did the poll ;)

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Thanks! A lot more of my posts will magically appear shortly. ;)

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New friend (that's me on the left) just filled out the poll.

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Thanks! Don't post so much these days, but look forward to getting to know you. :)

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I went ahead and clicked on all of 'em and figured I'd tell you so that you could easily figure it out!
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Answered the poll, curious to see what happens next ;-)

You just friended me

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And I'm returning the favor. I'll be on all of them for now.

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It appears that we run in very, very similar friend circles, and have many shared interests. This makes me think that you are a person i would like to read more of.

I have friended you, and look forward to reading more.

I hope you are well.


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Welcome! Nice to meet you.

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Hi I'm new back on LJ after years away and doing a blog about coaching college football in the UK (not soccer real football) and looking to connect with interesting (and interested) people.